Technology Enabled Learning Experience Among International Baccalaureate Students Through Experiential Mobile Learning App


  • Ravichandran ‎
  • Ho Yen Fen
  • Ariel Schatenstein
  • Valerynne Chang


In today’s world of digital technologies, the number of mobile apps used from the billions of users around the world appears to be increasing. However, keeping track of all these mobile apps on their efficiency and effectiveness becomes inevitable for any educational institutions that wishes to incorporate mobile apps as an avenue for Blended teaching and learning. During the process of implementing Blended learning, it is quite often for pedagogical community to decide on the best pedagogical approaches for the delivery of their teaching content to their students. Technology-Enabled Learning is one such feature that is taken to refer to the application of some form of digital technology to teaching and/or learning in an educational context. In this research study an attempt has been made to examine the BeEd Experiential Mobile Learning App for its acceptance among the two International Baccalaureate Schools with a population of 510 students. Students from Grade 5 until Grade 9 were asked to respond to the online survey questionnaire. Findings of this research study reports on the responses based on quantitative analysis received from the 275 students who had responded the survey questionnaire. The results of the analysis showed the student’s satisfactions towards the usage of the BeED Mobile App to be positive with respect to the three variables, Knowledge, Activity and Reflection.