Analysis of Ergonomics for Making Precision Work In Indian Manufacturing Industry that Consider for Productivity


  • Sachin N K
  • B S Shivakumara
  • V Sridhar


Manufacturers are determining for automated equipment to accelerate and improve their productivity, but implement an ergonomically designed environment, further increases the productivity. In this context small scale manufacturers are lagging behind due to neglecting the ergonomics consideration. It is essential to consider ergonomics and production when designing workplace for manual material handling tasks. Process quality, costs and productivity highly influenced on the human postures (e.g. Mental and Physical work load, comfort, personal satisfaction etc.). In this study, we consider carrying the Multi-pin crankshaft in the container to load for CNC lathe machine. Present study made an endeavour to assess and improve the lifting height with respect to constant mass of the component in the digital environment using DHM (digital human models) for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The different postural score of body part obtained from an eminent validated posture analysis tools called rapid upper limb assessment (RULA) and Lower Back Analysis (LBA) are used for ergonomic design improvement for 50th and 95th percentile male workers.