Impact of Motivational Factors on Project Team Performance


  • Uthappa M. M.
  • A. N. Santosh Kumar


Motivation is one of the fascinating subjects under organizational behavior science and thus, the study of motivational factors is one of the vital topics chosen by researchers across the globe today. Also, among many human aspects of project management, motivational factors occupies the prominent place in the list and by adopting right motivational strategy companies can benefit with improved project team performance followed by high degree of customer satisfaction. The subject matter of this research paper “ impact of motivational factors on project team performance” is an attempt to understand on specific motivational factors considered by the companies while framing their own performance improvement programmes. A study conducted on this subject matter reveals the fact that, specific motivational factors tabulated by the researcher have an impact on project team performance. This paper exhibits and analyses the results of research survey conducted at select large sector companies in India. Based on this research study results, companies will get an opportunity to review their existing plan and to come out with their own motivational strategies to improve the overall performance of project team..