Affordable Housing : Need of Upcoming Smart Cities


  • Akshay Wayal
  • Shobhan Kelkar
  • Madhav Kumthekar


In globalization, idea of smart city is turning into a significant part. Smart city is a urban territory that utilizes various kinds of electronic Internet of things, sensors to gather information and afterward use guidelines earned from data to oversee resources assets and administrations adequately. In Maharashtra, as of now many cities having proposal of smart cities. In such cities population & floating population is growing rapidly. People living in such cities are mostly middle class income group and they are looking for habitat which is affordable. It is becoming a important need for such cities. Various factors like land availability, eco friendly environment, social surroundings, segregation of residential area etc. plays an important role. For proper development it becomes important to analyze all needs of such smart cities.
This paper is focused on key elements of smart cities and also identifying various demands and their depth for habitat for people living in such cities. At the same time, it is also focusing on various needs for requirement of affordable housing in upcoming smart cities. Outcome of this paper will be the guideline for the upcoming smart cities about requirement of affordable housing.