Interrelation between Climatic Zone and Bungalow Building Design: CASE of Tropical Climate


  • Ajinkya Niphadkar
  • Akshay Wayal
  • Madhav Kumthekar


In todays era, climate scenario is changing rapidly. People using huge amount of non renewable energy to achieve comfort condition. Global climate is becoming major problem for all countries resulting into natural and man made disasters. India categorized into six climatic zones. Climatic data of every zone differs from other. In such conditions, designing a bungalow which is achieving the human comfort conditions without using non renewable energy and catering to need of different climatic zones is important. Tropical climate conditions are temperature range is high, humidity level is very high. In such conditions, various design strategies such as building orientation, mutual shading, cross ventilation, pre – cooled winds, thermal mass (u – value), window shading devices plays an important role. Research paper focusses on various strategies that can be applied for the bungalow design in tropical climate and its result in terms of software simulation, heat gain and comfort conditions. An expected outcome of this research paper will be in terms of various strategies in terms priority that can be utilized to reduce the load on non renewable energy and also not extending the cost of construction having payback period of more than 5 years.