Digital Fingerprint and Security Aspects in Internet of Things Against Social Engineering Using Advanced Digital Forensics


  • Rubika Walia
  • Neelam Oberoi
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Gulbir Singh


Now days, the dependency on the smartphones and the web applications are elevating to huge extent and thereby the need to work on the security and privacy is there. As per the Annual Reports from prominent platforms of antivirus and malware analytics patterns, the there are millions of attacks per month on the network based environment. With the implementation patterns of advanced tools and technologies including Python based packages and open source distributions, the overall performance can be elevated. The presented research manuscript is presenting the use cases and the implementation patterns for the cyber security in IoT based scenarios with the effectual cases and overall performance with the cumulative analytics. Python integrates more than 2 lac tools and libraries which can be used for scientific, mathematical, engineering and social applications with cyber analytics patterns. All these tools and frameworks can be integrated from the repository of Python software. As the research scholars, academicians and practitioners keep on working with research projects, the Python based tools can be used because of the ease as well as high performance programming.