A Model for Conflicts between User Set-up Procedures and Virtualization


  • Dev Ras Pandey
  • Gauri Shanker Kushwaha


Cloud computing is an promising assumption of using computer softwares that is the new way that rapidly uses computing as a private community by computing as a general resources. It also offers various benefits in the form of economy of scale, public utility system, flexibility and convenience. In cloud computing risk assessment within a cloud/virtualization framework that is used by CSP (Cloud Service Providers) and users to identify and assess the risk at the time of service deployment and functioning. Various stages in the virtualization where risk assessment and evaluation occurred their related models have been proposed for the same to eliminate. The paper identifies three types of risks at the end of users were found and categorized as query related, analysis & specification, and implementation of the virtualization between users and cloud providers. The proposed framework provides technical belief that goes towards buoyancy of cloud platform users is first part and a expenditure reducing and reliable productivity to the users of CSP and resources were collected by separate Infrastructure Provider (IP) is another part.