Hazard Assessment on Households Electrical System of Barangay Sinabbaran, Angadanan, Isabela, Philippines


  • Franklin A. Samonte


Electricity is the most adaptable energy; it is one of the best gifts for humanity. Barangay Sinabbaran, Angadanan, Isabela, an adopted barangay of the Isabela State University Angadanan Campus, had 42 registered member-consumers. Its constituents requested assistance to fix the electrical system, hence this study was conducted; specifically, it sought to: know the personal profile of the registered consumers; inspect and record load conditions; and assess the electrical system in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. A questionnaire and walk through audit were administered for data collections using total enumeration. Frequency and percentages were used to interpret data. Using energy-saving lighting fixtures was noted among consumers. Most households received acceptable voltage levels, while efficiency and reliability conditions were good enough based on instrument reading and interview results.
Their present system can supply the possibility of future loads. However, most occupants made extension lines violating PEC and local electric provider best practices. The use of undersize or inappropriate materials was significant; such materials were preferred for economic reasons setting aside safety considerations. An indication that most residents were not responsive to their actions posting hazard or threat to life, living, and property; hence immediate measures for repair and replacement of electrical parts are necessary.