Knowledge Management Model for Improving Teaching Efficiency of Special Students Using Text- Mining


  • Won-Cheol Park
  • Koo-Rack Park
  • Dong-Hyen Kim


Background/Objectives: As for an education in a special school, one special teacher is in charge of one student in one-on-one basis. Since each and every special student has different personality and characteristic, a special teacher should be aware of various information on diverse special students, but it is difficult to be aware of all special students in reality. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to provide information of students, which is similar to the daily report of a special student that a teacher has entered, to a special teacher by analyzing the data.
Methods/Statistical analysis: In this paper, a system that provides information of diverse special students who are similar to the student whom a special teacher is in charge of and offers the guidance and education data to the special teacher is proposed. Daily student reports that are entered by special teachers get converted into data, and the data gets stored in the database by analyzing the content of the daily student reports through text mining technique and determining the category. The data of the special students which is in the category that matches the category that has been stored gets searched, and it is provided to the special teacher. The special teachers can plan more effective education and guidance by using this information.
Findings: The proposed system searches and outputs special student’s data which is similar based on the data which stores the information of diverse special students through daily student reports which special teachers have created, and provides the data to special teachers. Previous studies have focused on the study on the characteristics of special students and various education guidance methods. It is difficult to say that it was a complete solution for new teachers who just got appointed to provide a lecture and give education and guidance right away. Therefore, the proposed system conveniently provides various data of diverse special students to special teachers in real-time, and it can help the teachers to correctly and effectively provide education and guidance by using the data that has been provided.
Improvements/Applications: The proposed system would be a good index for special teachers, and it is expected to help to improve the effect of the education. In future, the study to analyze the behaviors of special students by taking video of behaviors of special students that special teachers couldn't have recognized in real-time and automatically determine the category should be continued.