Development of Operation Technology and Two-Sided Multi-Point Press Equipment for Improving Accuracy of FCP


  • Kyeong-Tae Jeong
  • Ji-Yeong Yun
  • Ki-Hyuk Kim
  • Donghoon Lee


The ratio of free-form architectural design has been increasing recently. However, the current technology for the implementation of free-form buildings is very insufficient. In this study, the Two-sided Multi-Point press equipment, a FCP(free-form Concrete Panel) production equipment, is being developed to develop Free-form building technology. Two-sided multi-point press equipment is the equipment being developed in this study that implements the FCP's upper and lower foam. In this study, FCP is manufactured through this equipment and the operation technology of the equipment is developed to improve the accuracy of FCP. The two-sided multi-point press equipment developed in this study had several problems in implementing FCP and was studied to address them. Firstly, FCP's top and bottom mould, which is implemented as a two-sided multi-point press equipment, is implemented by the combination of Rod and Silicon Rubber, where there are problems with joining. There is also the problem that Silicon Rubber is a resilient material and cannot fully implement FCP. Secondly, FCP must have a constant thickness value for each segment, which requires a large amount of accumulated data collection. In this study, we conducted a study to maintain a certain thickness of FCP produced using development equipment. As a result of the study, the study proposed a new approach to data collection that was not previously available to maintain a constant thickness for FCP. If follow-up research is carried out based on the proposal, it will be able to be used as basic research material to maintain FCP thickness. It is also believed to be available as a basic research material for automated production of FCP. The technology to keep FCP thickness constant by segment is very complex and difficult, but the new research method proposed in this study will be used as a basic research material to address this.