Implementation of the Local Extender Device for Wireless Video Transmission based mmWave


  • Bong-Hyun Kim
  • Eon-Gon Kim


Establishment and focus: The frequency band to be used for 5G service is 3.5GHz or 28GHz, which is a higher frequency band than the existing frequency band. Therefore, it is necessary to secure a wide bandwidth for high transmission speed while avoiding interference with existing frequencies. 5G is expected to solve the problem by densely constructing a base station, a repeater, a small cell and the like compared to 4G (LTE). Therefore, it is possible to design a short-range expansion device based on image generation technology, communication circuit design technology, and UHD 4K wireless image transmission and reception ICT technology.
System: In this paper, we implemented a near wave expander for mmWave based wireless video transmission in 5G environment. To this end, the transmitter and receiver modules were fixed at a straight line distance of 50m or longer, and an L / E system was installed in the middle. In addition, the UHD-class ultra-high definition image of the transmitting side is extended to the wireless image transmission / reception distance by constructing an L / E system capable of real-time wireless display on the end-stage monitor after passing through the L / E system. 5G is a global new industry creation technology that connects everything beyond mobile communication (voice and data) between people and triggers digital innovation in the industry. Through this, it is possible to apply the expander of the transmission function of 50m or more wireless image based on the 60GHz frequency bandwidth.