An Analysis for the Male Villain’s voice using a Speech Signal Processing


  • Ik-Soo Ahn


Radio Drama is a genre of radio broadcasting that expresses dialogue, music, and sound effects only with sound based on the story, to entertain and impress listeners. Radio dramas are more difficult to convey the scenes and situations of drama as there is no video area than TV dramas, so the emphasis is on the sound realism. In particular, radio dramas should express their personality according to the characters only by voice, so they should be more careful in casting. This paper studied the male villain's voice as the first step in preparing vocal data for the casting of radio drama characters. The role of the male villain can be divided into two categories. One type of male villain is a male villain character who is large, muscular, rough and wild. Another male villain is a male villain character who is slim and fragile but shrewd, obscure and cunning. The characteristics of two male villain's voices were compared and analyzed based on sound signal processing principles. Starting from this paper, we will analyze the voices of the basic models of various characters for the future radio drama casting and accumulate data to prepare the foundation for the completion of the casting program.