“Trashmart”: Innovation to Overcome Environment Problems and Increase Public Awareness of the Environment


  • Idrus Syahzaqi
  • Siti Amelia Dewi Safitri
  • Ellestya Exa Fitria
  • M. Fariz Fadillah Mardianto
  • Lina Nugraha Rani


Environment is one of Indonesia problems that should be solved. Environmental conditions have impaction the quality health of human resource from a country. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry stated that the number of garbage stacks in Indonesia has reached 65.2 million tons per year. This condition has impact for health and economic aspects. The government has made regulations to overcome the garbage problem. However, the completion of waste cannot be finished if only relies on the performance of government. Society participation is also needed, so, that environmental conditions will get better. “Trashmart” is an innovation in waste management that starts from the idea of utilizing economically valuable waste, so that it can reduce the amount of garbage piles. This concept invites participation from the society to participate in sorting and grouping waste. Beside an idea about “Trashmart” that provide innovative solutions to reduce waste piles, there search describes the public perception about “Trashmart” idea. The method used is descriptive research conducted through surveys through the distribution of questionnaire along with interviews with the related government institution. Most of respondents and Surabaya government support “Trashmart” concept and that idea will be realized.