Green Product Innovation:Sustainable Environmantal Development Actualization and Implementation in Improving Creative Industrial Performance


  • Hadiah Fitriyah
  • Bambang Tjahjadi
  • Noorlailie Soewarno


The purpose of this study is to determine the role of innovation green as a manifestation of the implementation of sustainable environmental development in improving the performance of the batik creative industry. The batik creative industry is one of the creative industries in Indonesia that is a requirement with traditional values. Batik was recognized by UNESCO in 2009 as a world cultural heritage, so it greatly influences the level of demand for batik cloth. Increased production of batik cloth raises environmental pollution problems. Therefore the role of academics is needed to provide insight to batik creative industry players through this research. The approach of this research is to use a qualitative research approach. Data is collected by survey, in depth interviews, documentation, observation and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). and the data analysis uses triangulation analysis. The results of this study indicate that green product innovation is a business strategy that can be implemented in realizing sustainable environmental development and ultimately can improve the performance of batik creative industries.