Asymmetric Election of Protecting the Voting of the Noken System in Selecting the Regional Head in Papua


  • Ariyanto Ariyanto
  • Retno Saraswati
  • Sukirno Sukirno


Political law Election of regional heads recognizes the diversity in voting the Noken system is something that is important to be normalized. Several previous studies have also discussed the selection of diverse regional heads, but the results of the study are not yet fully understood in understanding the reality of indigenous peoples. Researchers suggest the concept of democracy Election of regional heads is implemented from the values of the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution as an effort to understand and analyze all the differences from the reality of democratic society. Researchers expand the substance in understanding the voting of the Noken system by using qualitative methods with a constructivism paradigm to explore a reality that occurs. Researchers investigated why the politics of law Election of regional heads did not accommodate the voting of the Noken system in the Papuan Regional Election, and the researchers tried to rearrange the political development concept of the local election law that accomodated the voting of the Noken system. The results showed the state designed legal politics. Election of regional heads based on one man one vote strictly by casting ballots directly without opening access to diverse voting, especially using consensus agreement. As for the development of legal politics, the election of a new regional head requires the substance of discussion which must ensure that the voting of the Noken democratic system both philosophically constitutes the country's basic constitution, state law, social reality and human rights, and legal pluralism.