Shaping the Future of Sultanate of Oman’s Economy: Manufacturing Sector and its Contribution


  • Anitha Ravikumar
  • Gopalakrishnan Soundararajan
  • Araby Madbouly


This paper examines the importance and role of manufacturing sector in the Sultanate of Oman. Though Oman’s reliance on oil-sector is evident in its contribution to the GDP, the government has promulgated various strategies to reduce its dependence on oil revenue and diversify the economy, for sustainable economic development. The various plans, such as Oman Vision 2020 and 2040 has emphasized the importance of manufacturing sector in fostering the economic development. By examining the statistics related to the manufacturing sector in the country for the period 2012-2017, this report examines the growth of the manufacturing sector, its relevance in employment generation, and its contribution in export and GDP. The analysis revealed that manufacturing sector in Oman is concentrated, with reliance on few industries. The contribution of manufacturing sector to employment, exports and GDP are significant. Based on the study, it is suggested the need to integrate an inclusive strategy that focus on all-inclusive development of manufacturing sector, and to achieve the goal “manufacturing for wellbeing” by 2040..