Performance Enhancement of DFIG based WECS during Voltage Fluctuations using ANN Controller


  • Saranya K
  • Devi Shree J
  • Sukanya K
  • Padmanabhan T


The demand for wind generation in today’s grid is increasing its proposition in total electricity generated. To enhance the dependableness of the ability system a completely unique fault-tolerant configuration for wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) throughout totally different varieties of grid faults is planned. The planned configuration is developed by commutation the standard six-switch grid-side device (GSC) of DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator) with a nine-switch device. The nine-switch device provides six  output terminals. The primary 3 output terminals  connected to the grid and therefore the next 3 output terminals are connected to neutral aspect of the mechanical device windings to supply pre-fault voltage. the substitute NEURAL NETWORK (ANN) primarily based PI management for wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) is developed , that achieves improved fault ride-through capability throughout LLLG faults. The effectiveness of the ANN management is compared thereto of a Proportional Integral (PI) controller and  evaluated victimization MATLAB on a 5-MW WECS. The simulations for Doubly Fed Induction Generator are elucidated using SIMULINK/MATLAB, corresponding results and waveforms are displayed.