Cloud-Based and Secure Smart Home Automation


  • Yashashree Amey Jakhade
  • Prajwal Premkumar Khairnar
  • Amit Narendra Kotkar
  • Tanmay Dhananjay Harisangam
  • Sanket Rameshrao Kohad


Smart Home Automation System aims at implementation of automating a house that uses Wi-Fi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts to facilitate communication amongst the various devices and sensors to carry out automation of everyday activities. A cloud based web interface enables remote control of the system for manually overriding the automated functionalities. Unlike most available home automation systems in the market, this system is scalable where one server can manage many hardware interface modules(Sensors) as long as the system is connected to the internet. Authentication for users will be implemented, so that only authorised personnel will have access to the house as well as the control interface. The system includes safety features to ensure security. The system supports a wide range of home automation devices along with power management components and security components and aims to provide ease of operation in day to day tasks along with effective energy conservation.