Energy Efficient and Quality-of-Service Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network


  • Sachin Takale
  • Shashikant Lokhande


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is aneminentfield of research in the era of Internet-of-Thing(IoT) based systems. Development of small size, durable sensors fuelled the growth and due to it’s characteristics WSN is applicable in almost all parameter monitoring systems. WSN has applications in structural monitoring of civil structures, precision agriculture, military and healthcare domain. In certain applications, timely and reliable delivery of data sensed by node is the prime task of WSN. Quality of Service (QoS) provision techniques normally depletes much energy which is limited resource in WSN; hence QoS based routing algorithm should be energy efficient. In this paper, Energy Efficient and QoS based Routing Algorithm(EEQRA) is proposed. Proposed algorithm is having two stages, route exploration and data transmission. Out of these two phases route discovery phase is discussed. For efficient route exploration, ant colony optimization technique is used.This work claims new technique using which QoS based path is decided without consuming significant energy. Routes found during the route exploration steps are based on Q factor value. The novelty of the work is that path can be calculated by providing importance to QoS parameter under consideration.