Simulation of Preparation of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


  • Varsha S. Ashtekar
  • Onkar A. Deorukhkar
  • Shrikant S. Barkade
  • Aniket H. Lad
  • Nikhil A. Donadkar


This work deals with the production of silver hydrogen peroxide (AgH2O2) from silver nitrate and hydrogen peroxide. In this procedure, the unstable hydrogen peroxide is balanced by introducing silver, where the antimicrobial silver nitrate activator can be observed. Silver hydrogen peroxide is not harmful for environment and human beings. Silver hydrogen peroxide is mostly used as disinfectant in the industries as it is antifungal and antibacterial in nature. Pathogen removal and sterilization is key requirement. As an activated H2O2, all forms of active oxygen compounds are formed (radicals, anions etc.), however the interactive forces among Ag and H2O2 in silver hydrogen peroxide causes the active compounds to attain higher kinetic energy. Higher kinetic energy facilitates the active compounds to penetrate cell wall more easily and more rapidly and oxidize microbial cell walls more efficiently. In this work lab scale production of silver hydrogen peroxide is performed using CFD simulations. The results obtained from simulations were compared with the ideal batch reactor.