Data Transmission using Crypto-Steganography


  • Dr. S. N. Zaware
  • Sujay Patil
  • Parv Javheri
  • Isha Doshi
  • Urja Kamatkar


In today’s world as the number of people who have means of approach to the internet or technology is growing rapidly, so the need to conceal the sensitive data from attackers is of vital importance. On daily basis copious amount data transmissions take place which need to be secure and care needs to be taken that the sensitive data does not fall in any wrong hands. Various systems have been actualized previously in which single tier security is provided which is not that coherent and the systems are quite vulnerable. In order to overcome this impediment, the proposed system in the paper consists of 2 tier security which includes keyless cryptography and steganography. In Cryptography plain text is converted into cipher text and secrete message is embedded at the sender side which is decrypted at the receiver side. Whereas steganography is the process of hiding data behind the image. The first phase in the proposed systems includes cryptography which uses random logic for encryption and the second phase includes steganography which uses GCD logic. All the algorithms used in this system are keyless which in turn adds up to more security and makes the system light weighted.