A Review on Software Models


  • S Reshma
  • G. Shaheen Firdous
  • Dr. M. Jahir Pasha


The idea of managing the working domain in the overall world is changing very often in a fast manner. The world is forwarding to more and more sophisticated and techno nature one from traditional way of working domain. To appeal to this new transformation, the companies were proceeding with the resource of advanced technology and considerable employing computer systems. In addition, acquiring the new technology, shifting to Software development has become principal means of undertaking business in the current trend. The increasing need of software development has steps to the growth of IT industry throughout the world. The main cause of reversing into software development is to create value and growth to the requirement of the users. Basically, software development should serve the user to fulfill their requirements in marketing domain and to develop a better software application to routinize this requirement. The increasing user requirements are continuously witnessed in the recent days and thus the necessity of software trend development is also increasing ever. We are witnessing dazzling growth of IT industry as of the higher requirement software development which is being provided for by many number of IT consultancy companies. The discipline of software development covers the number of forms involving such a complicated operation, serving huge cases of industries and it covers all kinds of human activities we could think of. Many offices are attempting to make their operation paperless and software development is playing a leading role to achieve this target. Therefore the growth of much company has become much dependent in the present world, with more and more development efforts.