Usage of “E-WOM” as a Marketing Tool in the Social Media Space


  • Dr. Uthira. D
  • Mrs. R. Anupama


The purpose of this study is to provide an insight on the usage of Electronic Word-of-Mouth communication as a marketing tool in the social media space for developing long term relationships with consumers and enhance the business sustainability for the future. The data was collected from the users of Social Networking sites, by using questionnaire method. Multiple regression method was used to examine the causal relationship. This paper highlights the significance of Social Exchange and Capital dimensions in eWOM communication and the usage of eWOM communication to influence the consumer’s buying behaviour process. From the findings it is revealed that Social Exchange and Capital dimensions significantly influence eWOM communication and has a positively influence on the consumer buying behaviour. The present study would provide marketers with valuable information to establish their long-term relationship with consumers in Social Networking sites and use beneficial eWOM to promote their products or services for business sustainability.