Agricultural Data Analysis Using Map Reduce


  • B. Bharath Kumar
  • Mary Subaja Christo
  • N. Deepa


The information mining idea has gotten one of the most fundamental things to process tremendous measures of information and complete the work in different fields. At first, manual calculations are done as a piece of the information investigation. Be that as it may, with the appearance of PCs, the calculation and examination forms have gotten somewhat simpler than before. Alongside the expansion in innovation, the information to be put away and examined has additionally expanded at higher rates. As a rule, the administration authorities make a note of the real zone present in a town/city/state/nation and they'll be allotted the errand of refreshing this information at customary interims of time. To finish this assignment, they for the most part direct studies and make a note of various classifications of land that is available in that specific zone. After the assortment of this information, the information having a place with every one of the regions present in a specific state are joined to get a general thought of the land having a place with various classes in that state. Similarly, the information having a place with all states are united and broke down to comprehend the absolute classes of land present in that specific nation. As we as a whole realize that Agriculture is one of the key areas that is making human life conceivable to get by on this planet, there comes the need to have the insights of this farming area. It is difficult to process this agricultural territory information in ordinary techniques. Information Mining remains as the best decision to finish this undertaking. In this manner, the time arrangement digging approach is followed for farming region location.