An Analysis of Security Issues and Nature-Inspired Algorithms on Wireless Sensor Networks Integrated with IOT Environment


  • M. S. Vinmathi
  • M. S. Josephine
  • V. Jeyabalaraja


WSN has the ability of detecting impelling the natural information the real time and positive data can be gathered utilizing sensor frameworks. These WSNs can be joined with internet of things to enable affiliation and broad access to sensor information. Wireless sensor networks are very inclined to security issues. The significant utilizations of sensor systems affect some of the areas such as in military, business, social insurance, retail, and transportations. These frameworks utilize wired or Adhoc systems. Wireless sensor systems, actuator systems, and vehicular systems have been considered incredibly in the industry level. Perhaps, the Internet of Things (IOT) has extensive research consideration recent years. The cutting edge innovation and the expanding figuring intensity of processors, the utilization of remote sensor systems have turned out to be to a great extent dispersed over wide regions. As of late the remote sensor systems is utilized in Agriculture, keen structures, ecological wellbeing and numerous different applications. In this paper ,an audit about joining of WSN with IOT, challenges looked by WSNs when coordinating with IOT have been discussed in a review manner and also showcased how they can be clarified from the parts of security and protection. In addition to the challenges, characteristics of nature-inspired algorithms are also analyzed for clustering the nodes in wireless sensor networks.