Multi-Keyword Search Using Attribute Algorithm


  • R. Ajay Maninder
  • B. Vani


With the enormous increase in the storage of the cloud, additional owners of the data are very much inclined to source their data in the various services of the cloud. For the various considerations of the privacy and security, the sensitive information or the data is ought to be encrypted before the outsourcing of the data. There are some varied searchable cryptography schemes that are present to confirm knowledge convenience. However, some present searching schemes will pay very little response to the potency of user queries, particularly for the multi owner situation. During this paper, here we tend to propose a hierarchal keyword search scheme which is a tree-based and for various data users. Specially, by considering an outsized quantity of information within cloud, we have a tendency to use the TF× IDF model, which is used to develop keyword search and used to achieve the high searching results, To modify the servers of the cloud and to conduct a search securely without revealing any information like key words, we have a tendency to build a unique protocol based for the search based privacy preserving which bases on the linear mapping. The server of cloud will more effectively combine the indexes, using the DFS algorithmic rule to seek out the files. Finally, the analysis of the security will prove that our scheme is secure, and also the analysis of the performance demonstrates its effectiveness and potency.