Change Images Password “CIP” System: A New Graphical Authentication Method


  • Sabah Al-Qassas
  • Wadee Al-Halabi
  • Nighat Mir


Alphanumeric Password is the most common authentication method for computer users. It is well known that people normally tend to choose passwords that are hard to forget and easy to remember. Moreover, they neglect the fact that passwords should be random, hard to be guessed and frequently changing. Also, passwords should not be written down or stored in a text and sent through unsecure channels. One such improvement that has been taken towards passwords is to have graphical passwords that are based on pictures rather than alphanumeric characters. Many graphical password schemas have been developed to solve the mentioned password problems. However and after the research that we have done here; none of them has managed to solve them all. In this paper we present our graphical password schema as a solution for all users’ passwords problems in satisfying the requirements of having very secure password. In addition, our graphical password schema will provide the usability, reliability and availability of the user passwords. Our users will not be worry about forgetting their passwords or change them over the time. That because our passwords are easy to re-member and hard to guess and break or steal by others. Moreover, our developed pass-word schema is resistance for all kind of attacks such as brut fore, shoulder surfing and guessing attack.