Automatic Battery Charger Using Solar Energy


  • Bashayer Alsulami
  • Nouf Alzanbagi
  • Raghad Alsulami
  • Mohammed Shehata


In recent years, the utilization of renewable energy sources has become an attractive alternative to fossil fuels because of the latter’s negative impact on the environment. Among different sustainable power sources, sunlight based vitality is required to be a standout amongst the most encouraging means as future vitality arrangements. It is exchanged to the earth as electromagnetic radiation and conveniently changed over to electric vitality shapes through different sunlight based power innovations, for example, photovoltaic (PV). The electricity produced by solar power systems can be delivered to the consumer via electrical transmission grid, and stored in batteries but the problem of that generation system is that the energy source (sun) is intermittent throughout the day so the generated power is intermittent too. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution for storage energy produced by PV to charge batteries; one of the suggested solutions is designing an automatic charger controller to regulate the voltage across the battery in spite of the variation of the voltage source and the load connected to the storage devices. The state space model of the converter is first linearized to facilitate the controller design. The proposed control technique is sliding mode control (SMC) which is suitable technique for controlling nonlinear systems by forcing system states to specified sliding manifolds on which the system has desired properties such as stability, and tracking the required output voltage to supply the load system.

 Keywords: Renewable energy; solar cell; charger