Simulation and Investigation of Solar based BLDC Motor Drives for High Speed Surgical Hand Tools Application


  • Veeramuthulingam Nagarajan
  • Ezhilarasi Arivukkannu
  • Ramaswamy Muthiah


The paper approached model reference adaptive control for best the performance of solar environment fed Brushless dc motor. The emphasis orients to model the motor in the steady state framework and intrigues the theory of model reference adaptive principles for reaching out to address the performance improvement. It offers with the use of a dc to dc converter in solar environment primarily based as a transitional DC-DC converter between a photo voltaic array and a Five Level inverter to achieve the most excessive power of the photo voltaic array and as a consequence the subtle begin of the brushless motor drives by appropriate regulation. A variable dc link voltage acting as controller is completed by the converter which is used as a front-end converter. It’s consisting of single semiconductor switch and less number components, buck boost converter displays awesome change effectiveness. This only one converter structure permitting follows- up of solar environment maximum power point tracking (MPPT) regardless of irradiance and temperature. The acquired from the solar array exhibit the perturb & Observe tracking techniques by process. For decreased wide variety of switches employing BLDC Drive, this multilevel inverter topology is proposed. The current work focuses on improving BLDC drives output than when applied with ordinary inverters, and using staggered inverters. The dynamic and stable performance of the proposal through the use of the Simulink condition MatLab tool compartments.