Experimental Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy (6061) and Titanium Carbide Using Stir Casting


  • A. Chakravarthi
  • K. Shanmuganadam


In this paper, we proposed the material stir casting by using characteristics of al (6061) and Titanium. Objects are rarely selected for organized uses due to it has required joining of characteristics of mechanical. The aluminum (6061) matrix mixture consists augmentation object is created to examine attributes of mechanical like tensile strength, wear, hardness. In the first moment of this investigation, we have chosen aluminum (6061) as a matrix phase and titanium oxide as a reinforcement phase. The aim of this paper is to research attributes of mechanical of al (6061) metal matrix in various macro meter shaped like AL, and TITANIUM CARBIDE was taken as base material and varying composition. Between production they have selected mix throwing due to mix throwing method are easiest as well as low-price as well as characteristics of mechanics like tensile strength and bending strength have been evaluated. So, In final stage of our project results should have more accuracy rather than the other properties.