Seasonal Variation of Groundwater Quality in Vatika village (Sanganer Tehsil), Jaipur (Rajasthan)


  • Hina Shahnawaz
  • Chandni Kriplani
  • Mohammad Asif Iqbal


Water of good drinking quality is of essential significance to physiology and man's proceeded with presence depends particularly on its accessibility. The goal of this investigation is to comprehend the regular varieties in the physico-chemical parameters of the ground water of three destinations of Sanganer Tehsil of Jaipur region, Rajasthan using statistical tools.The methodology used is to complete the examination ground water tests were gathered for pre monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon time of a year. For this reason five examples were gathered from every area and the procedure of substance investigation was directed. With the help of t-test, the distinctions between the three locations dependent on the parameters were calculated.  The findings of this paper were that the ground water of these three locations demonstrates seasonal variations in each of the twenty one parameters using statistical methods like t-test. The groundwater of the considerable number of destinations isn't reasonable for drinking and mechanical purposes which will assist the neighborhood government with taking vital activity.