Aspects of Requirements Prioritization: A Study


  • Ow Li Lee
  • Massila Kamalrudin
  • Safiah Sidek


Requirements in the context of software engineering refer to the demands from the stakeholders to create their desired product. However, requirements are usually come in bulk and it is impossible to implement them in just one single release of software. Therefore, requirements prioritization is a process to determine the sequence candidate of requirements to be included in the software release.However, requirements prioritization is always been overlooked and carried out at the later stage software development life cycle.In fact, requirements prioritization is important to filter unnecessary requirements for a better quality of the requirements before requirements implementation. This paper focuses on the study of the requirements prioritization in order to find out the issues and provide path for future work for researchers. We analyzed the methods used for requirements prioritization and compared the aspects focused in the proposed approach for requirements prioritization. The result from our literature study shows that most of the researcher extends their work based on the well-established conventional requirements prioritization techniques by focusing on the importance of requirements. The limitation of usability and scalability for requirements prioritization still remain unsolved.