“A Study on Work Life Balance Policies and its impact on Employees in Retail Industry”


  • Venkata Naga Manjula P
  • Sreenivasa Rao D


Work-life balance is a broad concept and it focuses on categorizing the importance of both work and personal life such that a balance is maintained. Work is described as job, employment, career path, professional upliftment, occupation and means of earnings, whereas life is often described as pleasure, leisure, family, health and spiritual development. Hence, it is easier to say that the work-life balance means the achievement of meaningful enjoyment within the four quadrants of life – work, family, friend circle and self. The research is conducted for analysing work life balance in Retail industry in Bangalore Region.  The objective of the study is to analyse the factors of work life balances and its impact on professional and personal life. The study is based on different elements of the practice of employees in Retail Industry in terms of work life balance.