Expressive Speech Acts as Conversational Innovation of Radio Broadcasters in Surakarta


  • Wiwik Yulianti
  • Sumarlam ‎
  • Muhammad Rohmadi
  • Agus Hari Wibowo


Radio is currently still considered as a renowned mass media due to its innovation and creativity in maintaining and expanding its existence through the current trends. Together with the trends, radio broadcasters are required to elevate their creativity as an attempt to secure the public interest to the radio programs. The study aims to explore the expressive speech acts in the radio visitation programs in Surakarta. It adopts a Content Analysis as the data collecting technique which is followed with the recording, listening, noting, and interview. Meanwhile, the analysis utilizes a Pragmatics Matching method through a Contextual Approach. In brief, expressive speech acts mainly function to express the speaker’s psychological state and convey the evaluation to the listener. In particular, the evaluative function is known as the expressive pragmatic function. The findings reveal various forms of expressive speech acts used in the radio visitation programs, including admiration expressions which are uttered for various purposes.