The Impact of E-government for Better Service of Performance of Government. An Extension of Delone & Mclean is Success Model with Social Influence


  • Abdullah Alzarooni
  • Dr. Massila Kamalrudin


Governments across the global are in the search for better ways of operating and providing improved services to the public through the use e-government technologies and services. Recent reports showed that the actual impact of ICT on public organization in UAE is not matching with the importance of ICTs to UAE government vision. This study examined the relationships between system quality, information quality, service quality, social impact, actual use, and performance impact. The relationships between these variables have been examined together with the model fit of the updated framework based on the latest theory of Delon and Mclean for information systems. To achieve this objective and examine the model fit of updated version of Delone & Mclean information system success model, the author applied quantitative methods and distribution of questionnaires to a population involves public servant in the public sector organizations within Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. The result shows system quality, information quality, service quality, and social influence have a multiple regression effect on actual use of e-government, while actual use of e-government mediates the multiple impact of system quality, information quality, service quality, and social influence on performance impact. This study contributes to the DeLone & Mclean (2003) Information Systems Success Model by examining and extending it in the context of the UAE public sector, specifically to enhance organizations’ performance through the utilization of e- government services.