The Effect of Locus of Control Personality and Total Quality Management on Employee Satisfaction and Performance


  • Marta Widian Sari
  • Rio Andhika Putra
  • Edo Pratama
  • Vivi Nila Sari


This study aims to verify and explain that the personality of Locus of Control (X1) and Total Quality Management (X2) has a positive and significant influence on Employee Performance Perception (Y) mediated by Job Satisfaction (Z). The population in this study were employees at PT. Padang Great Incasi. The sample used in the study was 144 respondents. Data analysis was performed using SPSS 23.0 using the path analysis method. The Results Showed that Locus of Control had a positive and significant effect on Employee Performance. Total Quality Management does not have a positive and significant effect on Employee Performance. Locus of Control has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction. The value of indirect influence is greater than the direct influence, which means Job Satisfaction can mediate the relationship between Locus of Control on Employee Performance. The value of the indirect effect is smaller than the direct effect, which means Job Satisfaction is not Able to mediate the relationship between Total Quality Management to Employee Performance.