The Role of Factors in Enhancing the Practices of Knowledge Management in Public and Private Business Organizations in Jordan


  • MohmmadIssa Al Zoubi


In Organization Management, Knowledge Management emerges as a new discipline contributing to implementing organizational perpetual internal strength and external competitive edges. Our research aims to further explore the role of factors (trust, awareness, organizational culture and structure, and Information Technology) in emboldening the practices of Knowledge Management in private and public business enterprises in Jordan. 700 39-item questionnaires were used to inquire from respondents working in the Business Organization in Jordan. Multiple regression analyses were conducted to verify the research hypotheses. The results revealed the substantial positive impact of factors on practices of Knowledge Management as well as strongly agreeing with studies conducted beforehand in the literature; it was surmised that Information Technology (IT) had the highest impact on Knowledge Management practices. To achieve potential success in Knowledge Management practices, trust, awareness, organizational culture and structure, Information Technology should be given proper attention and care. With efficient factors, Organizations’ Knowledge Management practices will increase in terms of efficiently, allowing organizations to hone and maintain their competitive edge in the business organization.