Employees Retention in hotel Industry: Present Scenario of Hotel Industry of Rajasthan


  • Tina Shivnani
  • Shweta Upamanyu
  • Jampala Maheshchandra Babu


Purpose: - An important asset of any organization is its employee. The performance of the organizations is very much depended on the effectiveness of its manpower. To survive in a long run an organization has to invest in its human resource also as they do investment in other resources of its core operations (Ton and Huckman, 2008). For maintaining a sufficient and effective manpower, the hotel organizations need to look into improving employee engagement, job satisfaction and working environment. These factors need to be strategies accordingly (Marshall, Mottier, & Lewis, 2015). India’s hotel industry is a big market for all the international as well as domestic hotel groups. The glamourous industry always had the issue of manpower because if hotel industry has enough employees then to retention all those employees in the same hotel is a biggest challenge these days. With the time, the issue only became bigger. The present study focuses on identifying the reasons leading to retention of employees in Hotel Industry.
Methodology: - The research is exploratory and descriptive in nature. For this purpose, the researcher collects the data from 386 employees of Hotels of Rajasthan through structure questionnaire. The factor analysis was used to find out the factors, which help to retain the employees in hotel industry.
Findings: - The researchers review the various research papers of attrition and retentions of employee in organization. The data analysis of study exposes that retention strategies focused on HR policies & practices and Reward & Recognition can help more in retaining the employees and reducing the attrition. Lower attrition will lead to higher employee satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction and many more.