Development of Machine-Building Materials and Details of Machines from the Powders received from Waste of Raw Materials in the Industry of Uzbekistan


  • Norkhudjayev F.R.
  • Mukhamedov. A.A.
  • Khudayberdiev. O.R.
  • Norkhudjayeva R.F.


Great opportunities for creation of highly effective antifriction materials give methods of powder metallurgy. They allow managing more differentially antifriction properties, integrating in one material the bearing basis of necessary durability and plasticity with different additives playing a role of solid lubricant or the additives activating formation processes of necessary structures of material and secondary structures of the rubbing layers. In the real work, results of researches on creation of ceramic-metal alloys are presented to an iron basis from the powders received from waste of raw materials of the industry of Uzbekistan. Because of researches, the possibility of production of ceramic-metal products of antifriction assignment from powders of local production is shown. Iron powders were received by recovery of hydrogen scale in Bekabad metallurgical factory. Pyrite is withdrawal production in the Almalyk mining and metallurgical factory.