Impact of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) on Retail Industry: An Empirical Investigation on Spencer’s Hyper Stores in Hyderabad


  • Javed Mohammad
  • Oo Yu Hock
  • Asif Mahbub Karim


The framework consists of HRIS Human Resource Planning and HRIS Organization Communication. Human resource planning links people management to the organization‘s mission, vision, goals and objectives, as well as its strategic plan and budgetary resources. HRIS offer an alternative channel of communication with employees and line managers by carrying organization-wide news stories and highlighting policy changes. The data of 100 respondents were collected. Sampling method used is quota sampling, which was divided into 3 subsets: HRD, IT specialist coordinating HRIS and Employees using HRIS. Data analysis was done using Minitab 18, a statistical tool. A one-sample t-test was conducted using a hypothesized mean value of the variables. Research findings clearly show that HR executives are well aware that they can increase the efficiency of HR planning through HRIS, saving time and cost.