Importance of Science and Technology in Water Management in India


  • Chayanika Borah


Science and Technology plays important role in our day to day life, without which modern lifestyle can’t sustain. With the help of innovative ideas and modern technologies life becomes easier and better. In the era of globalization and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) problems can be solved in seconds using modern technologies. In most of the countries, therefore, governments emphasize and encourage innovative technologies in order to tackle some major issues. Like many other countries, water sector management is also in a crisis state in around the world and India is not an exception. According to the recent Reports of NITI Aayog India in facing it’s worse water crisis in history. By 2020, 21 major cities would have dried up their groundwater. Around 70 percent of India’s water is contaminated. Therefore the present government is focusing on water management in the country by initiating several new policies or schemes. While dealing with this serious issues government has given importance on science and technological innovations. Hence this paper aims to analyse the importance of science and technology in water management in India.