110 Years of Training Transfer Research: A Bibliometric Analysis of Global Research Trends, and Patterns on Training Transfer using the Scopus Database


  • Muhammad Sarfraz
  • Dr. Shah Rollah Bin Abdul Wahab
  • Dr. Nausheen Syed
  • Muhammad Wasim Akram
  • Muhammad Salahuddin
  • Zahid Hussain


The rising demands of gauging training transfer and the abundant wastes of training investment has become a severe concern among the organizations and have stimulated practical research efforts around the globe. The concept of training transfer (TT), as an emerging notion, has received substantial attention due to its sensitivity, scope, and applications in wider fields of studies. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understanding the topics of TT and widening collaborative networks to enhance research development towards integrated efforts. Therefore, the aim of this bibliometric study is to shed light on the global research trend in (TT) area based on the outputs of published research articles between 1909 and 2018. To do so, the present study used the Scopus database to examine the global research trend in TT, leading countries with highest research contribution, the prolific authors, the year in which research on training transfer began, co-authorship among authors and co-occurrence of author’s keywords, highly productive journals and the most relevant authors with publication on training transfer. A total of 10,905 research articles was published between1909-2018 were retrieved. The findings of the study revealed that only 36 % of publication was made in the last hundred years between (1909- 2008) and 64 % of research publications were made between (2009- 2018). In conclusion, further studies are highly needed to highlight the importance of training transfer in developing countries, particularly in Asia and Africa.