Design of Compact TE Polarized 2 Dimensional Photonic Crystal based Y junction Power Splitter


  • Poonam Jindal
  • Harsimranjit Kaur


Photonic crystals provide the opportunity to design ultra-compact power splitters for their capability to localize light in small regions. This area has received huge interest of researchers for equal and efficient distribution of power among the branches of the splitter. However these splitters suffer from the challenges of severe backward reflections at the sharp corners and the complexity in the design at the fabrication level. This paper presents an ultra-compact (10 x 10 µm2) two dimensional photonic crystal (PC) based power splitter with two output ports for applications in photonic integrated circuits (PICs). The splitter is based on a Y junction with multiple line defect photonic crystal waveguide (MLDPCW). The PC based optical power splitter is designed with tuning rods at the corners of each output channel as well as at the junction to optimize the resonance effect and resulted in an overall efficiency of 88%. The results and the design of the proposed splitter are promising for implementation in the future optical integrated circuits.