IOT based Pet Feeder


  • Raed Abdulla
  • Ahmed Abdlekader Eldebani
  • Sathish Kumar Selvaperumal
  • Maythem K. Abbas


Automation can be done independently by machines, but it can be enhanced with monitoring and controlling features with the help of IoT, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the Internet of Things (IoT) creates an extensive network of devices that regularly exchange data. While this interconnection is happening in businesses and throughout organizations on a global level, it’s also happening in individual homes. Smart home devices and gadgets are becoming more popular with consumers who enjoy having all their devices interconnected to serve the purpose of increased convince, comfort, energy effeincncy and most importantly personalization which is one of the focus points on this project, with the help of automation of electronics and IoT the experience becomes much more personalized for the user. This research proposed a pet feeder system which is divided into two main sectors including measurements and control unit. System perform periodic measurements of the pet’s weight and food level inside the tank. On control unit, the system can operate under smart mode where user can define the energy fact of the food inside the tank and type of the cat. The cat’s weight will be, further, measured and the system can compute the right amount of the food to be dispensed to cat. The right amount of food is based on the adequate energy that selected cat shall take per day. The Smart Pet Food Dispensing Algorithm is based on the energy fact of food, type of cat, cat’s weight to regulate the flow rate of the feeder. The large outlet is only used in smart mode where its flow rate was calculated as  183.11 cm^3/s while the small outlets allows a flow rate of 8.62 cm^3/s.