Solar Power based Wireless Power Transfer for Small Scale Applications


  • Ravi Lakshmanan
  • Farahsat Jabin
  • S. M. Sulaiman


The main aim of this project is to design a solar power based Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system for small scale applications. In this proposed system, resonance magnetic coupling technique is used where the phenomenon incorporated in here is to transfer power using solar power over a range, without the use of wired medium. The solar panel converts light into electrical energy and energy is then passed on to the transmitter, which basically transmits energy wirelessly through one inductor coil at the transmitting end to another coil at the receiver end. The performance of the developed proposed system is evaluated by testing the power transfer over distance variation in between TX-RX coil. It is observed that the integrated approach of transferred power over air medium performs better than the existing systems. The maximum power transfer distance between TX-RX coil achieved is 15 cm when the receiver is loaded with two 7.5 watts LED lamp, but without load the transfer distance between TX-RX is increased to 19 cm. Finally, the system proved to be very efficient with 82.44% with no loaded condition and 80.46% with loaded condition for a minimum air-gap, as compared to the various techniques employed in the literature.