Blood Bank Management System for Hospitals in Malaysia


  • Kamalakannan Machap
  • Tusen S. Chandrasegarran


Blood bank in Malaysia needs a systematic and integrated blood bank management system. Currently, the blood banks are either standalone or else they are limited to integrated among their group of hospitals. This paper is focused on web-based Blood Bank Management System (BBSM) which will be integrated throughout the blood banks in nationwide. This solution is aimed to serve the blood bank managements and as well as the donors. Individual blood bank has their own ways and approach of handling the blood pack stocks. This integrated system is to unite all the approach and the requirements. Integrated BBSM is to benefit both the donor and the blood banks. This system strongly follows the requirements of Health Level Seven (HL7) and World Health Organization (WHO). Donors will be able to keep track of their donation details and also their blood test report. As well as the blood bank management will be able to keep track on the inventory of donated bloods, upcoming donation campaigns and blood bank stock management.