Transverse Lie with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


  • Heena Patel
  • Himanshu K. Patel
  • Saurabh Dave


According to the medical condition in the ending weeks of pregnancy, the foetus babies often settled in position. In some rare cases, the baby can be seen in lying sideways position or in a transverse position. This position is known as malpresentation. The most common problem seen in early weeks of pregnancy is that when the babies are more mobile, most babies change their position into the head down position by the last trimester, But Sometimes it is different than the expected, the malpresentation is called transverse lie. It is almost difficult and problematic to deliver a transverse baby vaginally. There are too many complications for the baby and risk associated with women too. We are developing robotic hand by which the position of the baby can be sensed in the degrees and using that robotic hand, according to the requirement the position of the baby can be changed before delivery. In Our proposed work we are going to develop the artificial intelligence that can sense the position of the baby and using AI (Artificial intelligence) the surgery with the robotic hand can be performed accurately and with minimum risks.