Ambient Sensors Fusion Smart Home


  • Chow Yee Suen
  • Ting Wen Shin
  • Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh
  • Mohd Nadhir Ab Wahab


Today, everyone is living in a fast-paced world where everything revolves around time is crucial. The global community, especially Generation Z is always looking for speed, efficiency in their daily life activities and hence has less concern for their health. Some of the common health problems that built up implicitly among most of them from their daily bad habits are sleep deprivation and imbalanced diet. The main objective of this paper is to monitor a human indoor activity by incorporate the use of a wrist wearable device which integrated Bluetooth and accelerometer sensors and predict their future activity. The wrist wearable device is used to collect the user movement data sets for building and training a user profile, then a prediction model will be constructed based on the earlier recognition movements in the training model. Then, alert or notification will be given to users when certain human movements reach a threshold level. In addition, recommendations on human activity will be given to the user as well to claim the user health and well-being. The system can recognize the human movements, the position of the user in the indoor space of a home, predict the patterns of a lifestyle of a user and give better recommendations on the next user activity based on the patterns learned in the prediction model.