Growth and Composition of Public Expenditure in India


  • Manish Kumar Rawat, Dr. Ashok Mittal


The present study has made an attempt to reinvestigate the Growth and Composition of public expenditure of India during 2001 to 2017. The study focused on trends of expenditure, revenue, social and economiccharacteristics of India, economic and social inequalities. Study includes expenditure and receipts (public, total, revenue, capital,education, health, development and non-development, economic and social services, social sector), trends of fiscal indicators.Despite many improvements in literacy, healthcare, per capita income, manufacturingand agriculture, infrastructure, crime, regional inequalities and hunger, a study of growth and composition of public expenditure in India reveals that even after many decades of independence, have not been fullyredressed. Thus, as predicted from the planning phase as well as from the introduction of new economicinitiatives, sustainable regional growth and improved quality of living of the people have not been entirelyaccomplished. In order to overcome these issues, the government's involvement through its well-designedcapital spending policy will undoubtedly be used as an important tool.