A Study on the Influence of Sustainability Related Factors on the Online Purchase Decisions of Customers


  • Alex Nero
  • Dr. Sreedhara Raman


The e-commerce business is growing at a tremendous rate in India. More and more customers prefer to buy for the online website due to the discounts, ease of purchase and the larger variety of products available. The e-retail companies majorly use discounts as major attraction to gain more customers. In this process of trying to increase the market share the sustainability factors are not given importance in various ways. This research paper tries to find if customers give importance to sustainability related factors and if these factors can be advertised by the e-retailers. The paper tries to find if this will have an impact on the customer purchase decisions from the e retailers. Then the e-retailers will have to have a different business strategy with sustainability factors included to attract more customers.

Keywords: Sustainability, E-retailer, Green Logistics, Packaging, Triple Bottom Line